Hello ! My name is Claudia and I am teaching Yoga in Paris and online.

I have been studying Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga, both in Paris and in India and I am a certified 200 hours Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance & the French Federation of Yoga).

I am fluent in English, German and Spanish, so do not hesitate to ask me if you need me to teach the class in a different language 🙂

Before creating this job I love more than everything, I have had a past as an executive in an office which was not exactly admirable. Discover my story here…

My life has not always been a bed of roses…

Maybe you cannot see it at the first glance on this picture where I am smiling but I was a victim from stress before.

Let me tell you why and how I started Yoga. Maybe you will identify yourself with my story…


I started Yoga because I was feeling bad in my job. At this time, I was war away from being happy.

I was working as an exec in the Even planning area. My job was to organise cultural events and it implied running everywhere all the time and having very long working hours. I also used to work a lot on evenings and week-ends.

By the way, you may have seen me in the subway, in Paris, during my 2 hours of daily commuting from my home to my workplace, as I was trying to finish the minutes of a meeting under pressure, or making phone calls to try to handle an event’s logistic. Maybe you even saw me falling asleep on my seat to try to gather a little sleep and make up for my too short nights…


This daily marathon was exhausting me and my stress was ruining my life.


I was having such a trouble relaxing myself at night as I eventually came back home. I could only think about my job, nothing else… It was obsessing me. Even though I was doing my best, I felt really anxious and moreover I had muscular pain. By dint of using the computer all day long and clicking the mouse without pause, I developed a severe tendonitis in the right shoulder. I also had cervical pain and lower back pain. I was only 23 and I was already quite in a bad way…

On top of that, I was sleeping quite bas at night and almost every night I was having nightmares just thinking that I would have to go to work again on the day after in an environment that would not make me happy at all. Every morning I would wake up with knots in my stomach, and every day, I would count the hours before the end of my workday, the days before the week-end and the weeks before my next holiday. I was really living a suspended life, keeping thinking that it would be better later on… 


Stress had became the protagonist of my life and it was infecting my relationships, my energy, my life in general. This stress has become a réal drag for me, a sword of Damocles continuously hanging over my head.

As I could not possibly go on like this, I decided to look for a solution, to find an activity that would help me find more well-being in my life.

How Yoga entered my life…


This is how I took my 1st Yoga class.

I had heard about a Yoga Festival in Paris. I invited a few girlfriends to join me and we made our first steps on a Yoga mat. After one hour of practice, I had already understood that Yoga could do a lot of good. I sweated, I got muscle soreness but I also started again to learn to breathe and to be aware of my own body. I remember exactly what I told myself at this time :

This is exactly how I love feeling and this is the way I would love to feel more often

Yoga was the solution which helped me fight again my stress

I know your stress looks insurmontable to you. Yet, you can manage to tame it and Yoga is a very precious ally to help you. 

Yoga helped me… and can now also help you !


From now one, I am done with this chronic and annoying stress. It has now been 3 years that Yoga has entered inside my life… and SO many things have changed !

Ciao real stress !


Tree pose : balance & serenity



Warrior 1 pose : strength & self-confidence

Now that I practice and teach Yoga, I cannot say that stress completely disappeared from my life. This would be naive and wrong.

However, my chronic stress now belongs to the past. Just like everyone, I can have stressful moments, when I have to catch a train, to hand in a professional file or to take the subway at peak times. But I am not anymore the victim of an invasive stress as I used to be. And when I do have stressful times, I can go through them more easily now that I know how to breathe and calm my spirit down !

Moreover I found my energy and my vitality back ! I also feel better in my body.


I now wish to help you on your own discovery of Yoga to help your improve your life.

You also can learn how to get rid of this daily stress which is preventing you from enjoying your life. I wrote a guide to give you solutions which have worked for me and helped me get my head out of the water. I wish to help you save time finding what feels exactly right for you.

My Yoga curriculum



Adjustment on one of my students in child’s pose (Balasana)

My passion is teaching because Yoga allows me to share what I have learned and all the benefits brought by this practice.


I am a certifier Yoga teacher and I am currently teaching in my home city : Paris.

I got certified both in India and in France and my focus is dynamic Yoga. I am certified in Ashtanga and in Vinyasa (Yoga styles which are dynamic and physical) and also in Hatha (softer Yoga, adapted for everyone).


I mostly give small groups and private classes to enable a customized approch according to the needs and goals of each of my students.


I LOVE giving in-class  learning but as I wish to share the benefits of Yoga with a lot of people, I strongly relu on using the full power of the Internet to reach you ! That is why I created this blog, YogaPassion.fr, because I wanted to share Yoga with you online.

Yoga and You

My goal thanks to this blog is to help you save time and to allow you to benefit from my expérience and what I have learned, both in India and in Paris, during my Yoga Teacher Trainings.

What can I find on this blog ?

Yogapassion.fr brings you online resources : articles, videos, students’ reviews, trainings… For now, these resources are in French, but if a lot of English-speaking people just like you, tell me that they would like to access these resources in English, I will consider preparing special English versions for you. I wish to answer all the questions you are asking yourself about Yoga and to walk the path with you, for your 1st poses on the mat.

I truly hope this blog will make you want to start the adventure of Yoga if you did not yet take the plunge. Happy reading !

Where can you find me whenever I am not on my Yoga mat ?


Tea Time at Maison des 3 thés, Paris

When I’m not teaching and practicing Yoga and when I’m not preparing for my Yoga classes, you can find me sharing quality moments with my friends or family, exploring my home city Paris or travelling the world, exploring the incredible varieties of teas (my favorite beverage) and visiting exhibitions to keep me inspired 🙂

Express yourself

Feel free to contact me on my contact page.

This blog is first and foremost a platform for exchanges and sharings. To make sure it is full of life, it is now up to you to participate by commenting on the articles !